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    Trusted exterminators, we'll get rid of your Bed bug problem!

    Did you find traces of bed bugs on your sheets or other places? Bed bugs cause many different nuisances and are a difficult pest to exterminate. That’s why it is crucial to have a professional exterminator help you with this. So you can get rid of your bed bugs for once and for all. Call PESTEC today to get rid of your Bed bug problems!

    Causes and consequences of a bed bug plague

    A mice plague is difficult to fight. On the web you’ll find hundreds of ways which claim to be effective, in reality they often disappoint. Here are some tips from actual professionals.

    Exterminate them yourself

    Obviously PESTEC always advices to get help from professional exterminators. Each miceproblem requires a different approach and a professional will help more effectively. If you still choose to fight this battle yourself we’ll give you the following tips:


    • Put all sources of food away in boxes
    • Close all nooks and crannies in your house
    • Choose only professional grade mousetraps or poison
    • Don’t take a cat just for your mouse problem
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    Call the guys at PESTEC

    If you want to be sure that your mice problem will be solved, you can choose PESTEC. The guys here have more than 25 years of experience in exterminating mice can help you effectively to get rid of them. For once and for all!

    With help from PESTEC you’ll get:

    • A guarantee that your mice problem will be solved (Check our reviews)
    • We always set a price upfront 
    • Professional and friendly service
    • No call-out costs
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