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Professional disinfection using a powerful disinfectant

As an extra precautionary for the COVID-19 virus many people choose to disinfect heir store, school or office-building. A good hygiene is essential in the prevention of further contamination in the office or stores. With our professional disinfection focusses on killing viruses and bacteria.

How will my space be disinfected?

Our specialists will come by your store or school and start our spray treatment. On average this takes about 2 hours depending on the size of the surface. Our spray treatment makes sure 99% of viruses and bacteria will die instantly, and stops further contamination. As a safety precaution, you are not allowed to be inside the premises during the treatment. After the treatment it’s immediately possible for people to re-enter the building.

We use a powerful disinfectant for bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our disinfectant retains its effectiveness for a longer period of time and is suitable for equipment and materials that can come in contact with food and drinks. It’s also suitable for:

  • Living (sleeping) spaces
  • Watercoolers
  • Floors, walls, furniture etc. 
  • hospitals or other healthcare institutions

Our method

  1. Our professionals arrive at your location
  2. During the spray treatment nobody without protective gear is allowed inside the room/building
  3. After the treatment it is safe to return back to your building

Why disinfect my premises

A good hygiene plays a vital role in the spreading of bacteria and viruses. By professionally disinfecting your office/school or other spaces you combat these bacteria and viruses and choose a safer and healthier environment. 

Of course you can do everything you can to work as hygienically as possible, such as washing your hands regularly and keeping all surfaces clean. For a safe and completely hygienic space, it is best to opt for a professional disinfection.


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